I love Pete Buttigieg, but sheesh, he's not ready to be president

There’s something about the whole Buttigieg phenomenon that feels hard to separate from issues of race and gender. Sure, he’s gay, that’s a big check mark for diversity and inclusion and all, but amid the most race and gender diverse Democratic presidential field in history, it’s noteworthy that big donors, much of the political elite and obviously many voters as well are clinging to the white guys.

If it’s not Biden, the thinking seems to go, then we need another white guy. Like this race is too important to risk on a candidate who might actually excite the women and people of color, and especially the black women voters — who as Sen. Kamala Harris of California correctly pointed out, make up the “Obama coalition” that actually can win the election for Democrats.

I mean, yes Buttigieg speaks up to seven languages and served his country, but he has been consistently undazzling in the debates and in his policy rollouts, not to mention downright flailing in response to his shortcomings and crises. All of which also stems from his lack of experience.