It's not "Never Trump," it's "Country First"

Because every time Trump, or his sycophants use the term Never Trump, they imply that those Republicans who oppose Trump are corrupt and those who are apolitical are part of some sort of conspiracy. And the truth is, there’s nothing of the sort. David Frum and George Will and Rick Wilson all come to their antipathy toward Trump for different reasons, none of which was for self-gain. The unifying thread is that these people and others, believe that Trump represents such a danger to the Republic that it is important to sublimate their careers, their policy preferences, their tribal identities, in an effort to oppose him.

Calling people like this “Never Trump” is just a dumbed-down phrase that anyone can repeat when they get overwhelmed by facts. It’s not a category, or a descriptor, so much as an epithet…

Playing footsie with white supremacists is not normal. Having your campaign manager, personal lawyer, and political guru in prison is not normal. Defending Vladimir Putin by criticizing your own intelligence agencies is not normal. Calling in a private citizen, dictating a note to him, and then tasking him with delivering the message to your attorney general, is not normal. Paying hush money to a porn star is not normal.

Tweeting all day, every day, is not normal for a president of the United States.