Pompeo calls for restraint in Hong Kong, and McConnell asks Trump to speak up

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Monday called for all sides to exercise restraint in the escalating Hong Kong conflict, and said the territory’s government should start an independent investigation into incidents during the half-year of pro-democracy protests. That inquiry presumably would include reviewing accusations of police misconduct.

“The United States is gravely concerned by the deepening political unrest and violence in Hong Kong, including the standoffs between protesters and police at Hong Kong Polytechnic University and other campuses,” Mr. Pompeo said at a news conference in Washington. “We have repeatedly called for restraint from all parties in Hong Kong.”…

“I would encourage this president, who has seen Chinese behavior for what it is, with clarity that others have lacked, not to shy away from speaking out on Hong Kong himself,” Mr. McConnell said. “The world should hear from him directly that the United States stands with these brave men and women.”