Don't pardon Roger Stone

The case against Stone was cut-and-dry. He deliberately lied to Congress over and over and over again, and then tried to cover his tracks by intimidating another witness into silence.

Some Trump allies have attempted to rehabilitate Stone’s crimes by arguing that everything he did was for the president. But none of this changes the nature of Stone’s crimes, and pardoning him would be a mistake. Trump vowed to “drain the swamp” of its self-interested cronies. Stone has been one of its leading villains for decades. Pardoning him now would send the message that crime and dishonesty are okay as long as they are in the service of the White House.

As the Democrats accelerate their impeachment efforts, it’s important for Trump to keep his distance from Stone. The disgraced Trump adviser has the potential to become a serious liability for a president under investigation for alleged obstruction of justice.

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