Why Democrats still need secret hearings

Democrats can decide whether they want to give Holmes a starring role on their impeachment TV show or not. Republicans, on the other hand, will have little say in the matter, because Adam Schiff has total control over who does and does not testify.

What a charade. Democrats have yet to present any significant hard evidence for impeaching a sitting president. So they’re orchestrating a bizarre TV show to convince their American audience, complete with secret rehearsals and Republicans hamstringed.

Enough. Let’s be done with secret testimony now, with secret interviews in basement bunkers in the Capitol. Let Democrats prove they really do want a fair and open process by bringing everyone with knowledge of these events to testify, in the open.

And yes, that includes bringing Hunter Biden into the public process. They don’t get to force everyone to shove all their chips into the center of the table with grand bravado and then refuse to show their cards.

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