Liberals’ Greta Thunberg obsession is reaching creepy new levels

The city can’t find the time to clean up the piles of human waste on the sidewalks, but a local nonprofit organization has decided to erect a giant image of a teenage girl who has accomplished nothing outside of browbeating the world with hyperbole. It sure seems a strange use of resources to put up a mural while environmental hazards exist on every city block. Then again, that’s if you’re taking these people at their words about what their priorities are.

In reality, it’s not about making a cleaner or less polluted Earth — the motivation is purely virtue-signaling.

Exhibit A is the very face the movement has chosen: a child. They are quick to express outrage at anyone daring to debate Thunberg’s ideas because of her age, insisting, what kind of a monster argues with a child? The movement has decided to adopt as their mascot someone they view as unassailable, which exposes the flimsiness of their ability to debate in the marketplace of ideas. They don’t want to have an honest conversation and view the very idea of doing as insulting.

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