Leave the Conways alone

Even if we are going to abandon all rules of good taste and do this thing, I do not understand why it is Kellyane who should be expected to answer for her actions as opposed to her husband. Why, oh why, journalists ask themselves, would a powerful veteran of multiple political campaigns, a woman who has managed to combine her career as a feared spin doctor and all-round right-wing knife fighter with motherhood, serve in the administration of the president she helped to elect? Surely it is her duty to resign so that her husband can be one of roughly 50,000 interchangable critics of Trump on television without creating any hiccups. (All of this assumes that anyone would give a toss what he has to say about anything in the first place if he were not married to Kellyanne, which seems to me debatable.)

Imagine if the situation had been reversed, and a high-ranking woman in the Obama administration had been married to a schlubby Tea Party type who routinely went on Fox News and called the president a traitor with the blood of our boys in Benghazi on his hands. I cannot imagine anyone expecting her to explain herself. Instead her husband would be dismissed as an attention-seeking boor, someone who was not only very publicly undermining his spouse but attempting to profit from doing so.

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