Ingraham defends Trump: "Attempted bribery" isn't an impeachable offense

Ingraham then played a clip of Speaker Pelosi explicitly linking Trump’s solicitation of investigations into Democrats to withholding $391 million military aid: “I am saying that what the president has admitted to and said ‘It’s perfect,’ I say it’s perfectly wrong. It’s bribery. Bribery. That is in the Constitution attached to the impeachment proceedings.”

“Okay. Here’s the problem, yeah, of course, Nancy, it’s in the Constitution, we can read: ‘The president may be impeached for bribery, treason, high crimes and misdemeanors,’” Ingraham snarked, before unveiling her own unique defense of Trump’s conduct. “Even assuming the Democrats’ strained and ridiculous interpretation of the facts — and I do not assume them —but just for the sake of their argument, attempted bribery is not in the Constitution.”

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