The "woke" Lancet asks if it's acceptable to have children

But that was just the beginning. Here’s a list of bizarre things The Lancet has published, keeping in mind these examples are from just the last few years:

Editor-in-chief Richard Horton praised Karl Marx and wrote that medicine and Marxism have “respectable histories,” despite the fact that Marxist philosophy led to the deaths of roughly 100 million people.
The Lancet blamed surgeons for killing millions of people.

It claimed that “disease, violence, and inequality threaten more adolescents worldwide than ever before,” despite the well-known fact that life expectancies are up precisely because disease, violence, and inequality have all decreased.

The Lancet published two ridiculous puritanical studies on alcohol, the worse of which claimed that any alcohol consumption whatsoever is unhealthy.

The journal proposed to ban food experts from discussions on food policy, if those experts happen to be from industry.

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