The alt-right has no future in conservatism

Fuentes’s unkind words for myself are the least of anyone’s problems, but I think they help demonstrate his intellectual caliber. He introduced a nine-minute rant about me in a recent YouTube video (I’m not going to link it) by calling me “some bimbo retard” and following it up with “f—ing retard,” “stupid bimbo whore,” and “stupid bitch.”

This from a man who has “Catholic” in his Twitter bio. He concluded his “argument” by repeating, “You stupid bitch!” while punching a fist into his other hand. During the same rant, he also said that one TPUSA ambassador was “another black woman who has yet to escape the plantation” and called her a “slave on the GOP Inc. plantation.” Naturally, he couldn’t help throwing in a disparaging comment about Israel, not because he is anti-Israel but because he hates Jews and engages in Holocaust denial.

Is this the sort of thing with which First Things, that highbrow ecumenical journal of religion in public life, wants its brand to be associated? Would the journal’s late founder, Father Neuhaus, be proud? I suspect he would agree with me that there is a value to excluding unhinged, racist anti-Semitic jerks from polite conservative society, and I am not alone in thinking this.