Megyn Kelly's comeback only gets 26K Instagram views and 7K YouTube subscribers

Megyn Kelly’s comeback has failed to garner much interest on social media despite teasing the relaunch of her journalism career a year after her firing from NBC.

Kelly began Friday by promoting her exclusive interview with the former ABC producer who was fired from CBS for ‘leaking’ Amy Robach’s hot mic rant that ABC had killed their Jeffrey Epstein story before other outlets got it.

But the chat with Ashley Bianco seemingly wasn’t enough to win her a huge following, as the Instagram TV clip had only been viewed 27,000 times by Monday, while her YouTube channel garnered just 7,000 subscribers.

Her following on Instagram – which has over 1 billion global users – hit approximately 27.4k in three days under a @MegynKelly handle that focuses on ‘current stories and my insight in real time’. Another, @theRealMegynKelly had 4,673 followers Monday night.

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