It's high time for Trump to dump Stephen Miller

A damning email dump from former Breitbart editor Katie McHugh points to Miller simply being a racist who hates immigrants.

For years, Miller shared stories from white nationalist news sources. McHugh, who has since disavowed her alt-right sympathies, alleges that Miller cited with familiarity work from American Renaissance, the pseudoscientific white supremacist website run by racial segregationist Jared Taylor. Miller also reportedly shared a story from VDARE, yet another white nationalist site that published the likes of Taylor and Steven Sailer, as well as Infowars, the conspiracy-mongering website run by 9/11 and Sandy Hook truther Alex Jones.

This information has been laundered through the Southern Poverty Law Center, so you can’t take it seriously beyond the source material itself. For example, Miller’s embrace of a bad immigration policy from the Coolidge era probably doesn’t stem from the fact that Adolf Hitler liked the same policy, as the SPLC tries to put it. But the SPLC’s contribution here is almost irrelevant, unless the emails are fabricated. The fact is that a Senate staffer who worked his way into the upper echelons of the White House was egging on McHugh to bring unabashedly racist online narratives about immigration into a more mainstream publication.

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