"Anonymous" book excerpts describe Trump's score-settling and toxic West Wing

“No external force can ameliorate his attraction to wrongdoing,” the author writes in the forthcoming book “A Warning,” excerpts of which were obtained by CNN on Monday.

“The net effect of the president’s war on democratic institutions is that he has turned the government of the United States into one of his companies,” Anonymous says, “a badly managed enterprise defined by a sociopathic personality in the c-suite, rife with infighting, embroiled in lawsuits, falling deeper into debt, allergic to internal and external criticism, open to shady side deals, operating with limited oversight, and servicing its self-absorbed owner at the expense of its customers.”…

Trump’s pursuit of political score-settling occurs closer to home, the unnamed author says, citing his attempts to punish states that swung for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election.

“The president surprises staff with horrifying ways to make life difficult for these parts of America,” Anonymous writes, naming California as particularly prone to Trump’s personal requital. “Trump hates California. He can’t believe that an entertainer such as himself is unable to win over the home of Hollywood.”

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