Nobody is buying Mark Halperin’s book. The disgraced journalist’s publisher lambastes "cancel culture."

After a recent book talk with Halperin in Los Angeles, Regan told Page Six that she “didn’t approve of what he did.”

“But I always have compassion,” she told Page Six. “He’s tried to become a better person. He had a right to write it, and I have a right to publish it. … He really has changed.”

The book talk was a “private, off-the-record event with major songwriters” and “big CEOs,” Regan told Page Six. “A well-known politico asked a lot of questions about the #MeToo stuff,” Regan said. “[Halperin] answered to everyone’s satisfaction.”

Regan also lambasted what she called “cancel culture.”

‘I don’t want to sit on your lap,’ she thought. But, she alleges, Mark Halperin insisted.

“In this guilty-until-proven-innocent cancel culture, where everyone is condemned to death or to a lifetime of unemployment based on an accusation that’s 12 years old, is criminal,” Regan told Page Six.

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