Jeffrey Epstein and Brett Kavanaugh, for ABC News, a tale of double standards

ABC lawyers earned their pay and issued statements that the Epstein reporting wasn’t up to standard. And a Robach statement was issued, saying that the Project Veritas video caught her “in a private moment. … I was upset that an important interview I had concocted with Virginia Roberts didn’t air because I could not obtain sufficient corroborating evidence to meet ABC’s editorial standards.”

Again: Where were those standards when Avenatti client Julie Swetnick smeared Kavanaugh about leading the gang-rape crew?

Where were the standards when ABC News honcho George Stephanopoulos — Clinton Foundation Donor Zero — attended a New York party honoring Epstein, after the sex predator was released from his slap-on-the-wrist 13-month jail sentence in Florida?

Prince Andrew was there. And other media types were there as well, sniffing up to the royals for access.

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