The Epstein story is a giant rats' nest that needs dogged investigation

The questions for Congress and the country to ask include: Is Acosta telling the truth about intelligence community involvement with Epstein? Who told Acosta to back off, and why? Where is Ghislaine Maxwell? What did ABC and other media outlets know, and when did they know it? Who were they covering for? If the intelligence community has such power over journalists, how often does the intelligence community tell newsrooms to kill stories?

For conservatives, the above questions apply, but more remain: The left talks a lot about equality, but what does it say about the leftist establishment when its media has consistently killed or underreported stories to protect the rich, connected, and powerful?

In other words, today’s news isn’t just slanted on a story-by-story basis. It’s slanted in the sense that many important stories never get covered, while small stories get overblown. Should conservatives continue to play this rigged game and treat these networks as left-leaning journalistic endeavors, instead of treating them as full-on opponents? Finally, are the intelligence agencies a threat to liberty, and what happens when even a Republican president, Republican appointees, and a Republican Congress can’t control these agencies?

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