Why Warren worries many Dems

The challenge for Warren during this period — which creates significant worry among many Democrats and will be a major topic in the November debate — is that she is taking a small number of highly controversial positions that create extreme political danger to her campaign in critical electoral vote states and threaten a number of key Democratic House and Senate candidates in battleground states and districts.

The most dangerous position Warren is taking would terminate private health insurance, now held by more than 150 million Americans, in her version of a “Medicare for All” plan.

Polls show that when Democrats offer consumers the opportunity to buy into Medicare or a Medicare-like public option voter support for this is sky high, often above 60 percent. However, if Democrats offer the same plan but add that all private insurance policies would be terminated, including policies negotiated through unions or employers, regardless of what workers and consumers want, public support collapses and public opposition soars.

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