Seth Meyers admits viewers are tired of politics, but he's part of the reason why

Meyers’ shines when he’s telling stories. When he throws in the anti-Trump bit, it rattles like a monologue designed to just please his late-night peers. What kind of self-respecting comedian would he be if he didn’t take time to bash Trump, even if the results are distinctly less humorous than the rest of his material?

The problem people have with politics, as Meyers naively understands it, is that people are tired of anti-Trump jokes. Though that’s largely true, particularly on the Right, Meyers’ miscalculates what really bothers viewers. The problem of politics is more fundamentally this: Audiences on both sides of the aisle have grown tired of politics becoming a stand-in, a substitute for comedy.

Meyers even admits that, ironically, Trump’s presidency has been great for his late night show. It has given him plenty of content, though it hasn’t necessarily helped his ratings. Trump jokes may keep Meyers in the news, just like his “skip politics” button, but they won’t make his comedy any better.

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