Rudy allies are spreading dirt about Bannon behind the scenes

In a memo sent unsolicited to The Daily Beast last week, one of those Giuliani allies, a former aide on his 2008 presidential campaign, laid out a series of attacks on Bannon under a header describing him as “THE LATEST FOX IN THE TRUMP HOUSE.” It recounted his exit from the White House, his subsequent ouster from Breitbart News, his past criticism of the Trump family, and his affiliation with a controversial Chinese billionaire—with whom the memo suggests Bannon may have a suspect financial relationship.

“Although Steve Bannon has been parading himself over at Fox News as an ally of President Trump, in reality he has been hitting the president’s personal lawyer—the only man standing between the president and Democrats in Congress bloodthirsty for impeachment,” the memo states…

It’s not the memo’s only allegation regarding Bannon’s financial dealings. It cites “two reliable sources” to claim that Bannon has traveled to China seeking financing for a new conservative television network (Bannon recently teamed up with a prominent Chinese dissident group to produce a film critical of the Chinese government). It also accuses Bannon of having “betrayed Trump” by giving interviews to Michael Wolff, the author whose book on the early days of the Trump presidency drew major ire from the White House. The book recounted Bannon’s characterization of the infamous Trump Tower meeting between a pair of Russian lawyers and, among others, Donald Trump Jr. and Jared Kushner as “treasonous.” The book, Fire and Fury, was widely criticized for a host of factual inaccuracies, but Bannon never denied the reporting on that comment.

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