Death knell or $1 million idea? Trump’s campaign tries to turn gaffes into gold

“These are the things that only the Trump campaign can do because of who our candidate is,” said a senior campaign official.

“What would be the death knell for any other candidate is often a $1 million idea for us,” declared another, adding that they have “a candidate who loves rallies, loves campaigning and loves using Twitter, so there are plenty of opportunities for us to take what might be politically incorrect and capitalize on it.”

Campaign officials maintain that Trump is almost always their inspiration. “We follow the president’s lead” is a slogan they repeat frequently to inquiring reporters. But it’s their knack for rapidly turning his ideas or blunders into marketable material that they seem to take the most pride in.

“One of our strengths is our speed,” a third official said Thursday on a conference call with members of the media, pointing to the “Where’s Hunter?” tees currently available for purchase on the campaign’s website.

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