Poll: Biden 28, Warren 23, Sanders 17, Buttigieg 9

The Post-ABC News poll asked Democrats to choose which of five top-ranking candidates is best across seven personal and policy attributes. Biden continues to lead on the question of electability, with 42 percent saying he has the best chance to defeat Trump, compared with 17 percent who say the same for Warren, 16 percent for Sanders, 3 percent for Buttigieg and 2 percent for Sen. Kamala D. Harris (D-Calif.). Biden is seen as the strongest leader by 35 percent of Democrats, compared with 20 percent who say this of Sanders and 19 percent for Warren.

But Biden was matched or exceeded by Warren or Sanders on other attributes. Asked which candidate “best understands the problems of people like you,” Sanders led with 30 percent, compared with 22 percent for Biden and 20 percent for Warren. The three candidates are about even when it comes to who would do most to bring needed change in Washington, and Biden and Sanders tied at 25 percent on which candidate is closest to them on the issues. On honesty, Biden and Sanders are roughly even at 26 percent and 27 percent, respectively, while 16 percent say Warren is most honest.

On the question of which of five leading Democrats “has the sharpest mental ability,” Biden was mentioned by 21 percent, falling narrowly between Warren at 24 percent and Sanders at 17 percent. Buttigieg was named by 15 percent as the most mentally sharp candidate, while 7 percent mentioned Harris.

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