De Blasio, Cuomo show sneering hostility as Trump leaves New York

Trump is the first New Yorker to be president since FDR, yet city and state Democrats won’t even show basic respect for the office. Instead of honey, it’s all bile and vinegar as they engage in constant attacks and use their power to harass, investigate and punish the president, his family and his businesses.

Acting like hitmen for the national party, de Blasio pledged to cancel all contracts the city has with Trump’s firm and Cuomo signed a law allowing Congress to get Trump’s state tax returns…

But these days, New York is paying a high price for the pols’ partisan games, and now the price is going up because Trump has had enough. His (much lower) taxes will go to Florida, which manages to serve more people than New York at about half the cost, and he and Melania can vote in a swing state.

Moreover, the nasty attacks on Trump won’t be lost on other wealthy New Yorkers thinking about joining the exodus. The fact that they can save 13% on their income taxes alone is one reason to flee the Vampire State for the Sunshine State. The 2017 federal tax law that limited the deduction of state and local taxes is another.

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