We don’t know what new impeachment revelations might unnerve Republicans

Democrats had their whistleblower held in reserve for a while before they decided it was time to pounce. Are they holding anything else? And whether they’re holding it or not, is there anything else? As we’ve seen, Trump is unorthodox (how’s that for euphemism?). His irregular behavior does not have to be materially damaging for Democrats and the press to portray it as the end of the Republic as we know it (see, e.g., Collusion, Russia).

In the past, when new revelations have emerged, it has made no difference — just another day in the Trump presidency. But now things have changed. Any new misconduct claims will unfold while congressional Democrats have impeachment proceedings up and running. That could make things dicey.

While congressional Republicans will stand with the president for now, there is no shortage of those who are not fans. Trump saw how fast his support can evaporate when he moved a few dozen U.S. troops out of harm’s way before Turkey rolled in and over the Syrian Kurds: The House condemned him in an overwhelming bipartisan resolution; the Republican majority leader of the Senate took to the pages of the Washington Post to rebuke him; and the rest of the senators are pondering sanctions against Turkey to express their dismay.