Place your bets on Michael Bennet, people

Bennet is prepared to restore programs that have worked in recent decades and lead the coalition of democratic nations in building international security protections against coming threats from cybersecurity, mass migrations, pandemics and future dangers.

Which brings us back to New Hampshire and the other early states of Iowa, South Carolina and Nevada. These states’ voters are known for making up their own minds, not following the pundits and the polls. Having visited New Hampshire again recently, I sensed, and others concurred, that the vast majority of New Hampshire Democrats — just like those across the country — are still making up their minds and will probably not do so until next year, even days before the primary.

My experience proves that voters listen carefully, brush aside political background chatter, and seriously weigh who has the talent to govern our great nation. Given that history, it should not surprise anyone, pundits or everyday Americans, that Bennet could end up at least in the top tier of candidates come February.

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