Obama helped create cancel culture. Now he condemns it.

It’s a bit rich coming from Obama, however. He can’t escape his own responsibility for creating a culture where opponents become enemies and politics is treated as a ‘winner takes all’ game where the law is used to do down the other side to satisfy the tribal instincts of your base. It was Obama’s administration who refused any compromise in their attempt to force the Little Sisters of the Poor, a female religious order, to provide contraception to their employees through insurance plans, in violation of their Catholic consciences. It was under Obama that the Democrats became intensely hostile to even the most minimal restrictions on abortion. I don’t recall President Obama questioning the claims made by pro-same sex marriage judges that there were no rational or reasonable basis to oppose such marriages.

It’s always good to see prominent people taking a stance against the febrile and vicious cancel culture. But for people like Mr Obama who bear some responsibility for stoking that culture, perhaps a little self-reflection is also in order.

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