Gabbard stokes fears among Democrats

“She has absolutely zero path to becoming the Democratic nominee, so what is she doing?” said Adam Parkhomenko, a Democratic strategist and former aide to Clinton, the party’s 2016 presidential nominee. “To say that she’s going to take her campaign all the way to the convention just suggests that she’s trying to create chaos.”…

“It’s not just whether she’s a loyal Democrat. The issue is whether she’s prepared to stand up to the corruption and incompetence of the Trump presidency,” said Robert Zimmerman, a DNC member and Democratic fundraiser. “If she runs as a third party, she’ll be an enabler to his reelection.”

Some Democrats have sharpened their attacks on Gabbard in recent weeks, raising the alarm over what they see as suspicious online efforts to amplify the congresswoman’s criticism of Democratic detractors and rival campaigns.

“I’m not on Twitter getting attacked by real people when Tulsi and I have a spat or a disagreement,” said Bakari Sellers, a top surrogate for Sen. Kamala Harris’s (D-Calif.) presidential campaign who is also supporting Kahele’s House bid. “I’m getting attacked by Russian bots. This isn’t rocket science. This is something we’ve seen before.”

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