We must impeach Trump. But how we remove him is another matter.

On this, many people agree. But we believe the Senate should proceed to a trial only if at least 20 Republican senators announce beforehand that they are open-minded about removing Trump from office.

This is not a trivial pursuit. Asking for a juror to commit to be open-minded before the evidence is presented by prosecutors and then tested by defense lawyers is entirely proper and usual — it is what potential jurors are asked to commit to every day when they are subjected to jury selection before a trial. It is a minimum standard of fairness we seek from those who would judge us. It is not unreasonable to ask this of all senators, who are in effect, the jurors in this trial.

If such public announcements of open-mindedness by at least 20 Republican jurors do not occur within a month or so after the House impeachment resolution, then we suggest a Senate trial would be a waste of time and unwise.

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