Trump’s sadistic argument for betraying the Kurds

Supporters of the Kurds point out that they fought bravely with us against ISIS, that they’ve helped us by guarding captured ISIS fighters, and that Trump is repaying their loyalty by inviting Turkey to kill them. But Trump says the Kurds deserve what they’re getting. Five times since the invasion began, he scoffed that they’re “no angels.” He accused them of releasing ISIS prisoners “just for effect,” to embarrass and scare the United States. The Turks had every right to invade Kurdish land along their border, said Trump: “They had to have it cleaned out.”

What about all the people driven from their homes? “It’s a lot of sand,” the president shrugged, referring to Syria and the countries fighting over it. “They’ve got a lot of sand over there. So there’s a lot of sand that they can play with.” The only thing Trump cares about is what’s under the ground: oil. On Monday, he recalled that in the Iraq war, “I always said, If you’re going in, keep the oil. Same thing here: Keep the oil. We want to keep the oil.” He proposed a “cash flow” deal between the Kurds and an American oil conglomerate of his choosing. “We’ll work something out with the Kurds so that they have some money,” he said. “Maybe we’ll get one of our big oil companies to go in and do it properly.” On Friday, he lied, “We just did a great thing in Syria. … We took over oil. A lot of great things are happening.”

While celebrating the Kurds’ pain and proposing to exploit them financially, Trump also suggested that European countries deserved whatever terrorism they might suffer at the hands of ISIS prisoners liberated by the invasion.