"F*** off outta here. He a Donald Trump supporter."

In a video of the incident that has been widely circulated on social media, the Los Angeles rapper, whose real name is Keenon Daequan Ray Jackson, can be seen asking a white male fan wearing a blue jacket to condemn Trump.

“Listen, I spotted you out in the crowd. I asked you if you f***ed with Donald Trump, you said, ‘You don’t know,'” the rapper said. “So, since you don’t know, I need you to make up your mind tonight.”

“I want you to state your name, because I know your momma, your daddy, your grandmama, your grandfather is watching. I want you to state your name and say, ‘F*** Donald Trump,'” YG said.
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When the fan refused, YG yelled into the microphone, “Get his ass outta here. Get him of stage. F*** off outta here,” as the crowd loudly booed. “He a Donald Trump supporter,” YG added. The fan immediately left the stage.

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