Here's the price Mitt Romney is paying for standing against Trump

In Utah, many of the more than two dozen Republican voters interviewed by NBC News last week also expressed disapproval at Romney’s digs at Trump and his generally receptive approach to the House investigation into the administration’s Ukraine affair.

About Romney’s shots at Trump, most had harsh words for their junior senator, with many accusing him of harboring feelings of resentment and envy stemming from his failed 2012 bid and the Trump State Department saga.

“It feels an awful lot like a personal vendetta to me. Because other than that, I really don’t see what Romney’s issues with him could be. I think they agree on like 80 percent of policy issues,” said Dan Roehm, an engineer from conservative Davis County, just to the north of Salt Lake City.

“Romney is not representing us,” added Roehm, who voted for Romney in 2018 but says he no longer supports him. “I’ve written him a letter letting him know I’m disgusted with how he’s acted on impeachment. He’s been small.”