Senate GOP to Trump: You’re not helping yourself by attacking us

[Graham’s] resolution appeared only to infuriate Trumpworld at large, as it demanded that Senate Republicans hold public hearings and congressional investigations that placed the president’s domestic opponents under the microscope.

“He honestly probably would have been better off doing nothing than that because it’s pretty clear this resolution is nothing more than a ploy to appease the base which is furious at him right now,” said one Trumpworld operative.

That Graham’s maneuver fell short of satisfying the political bloodlust among Trump’s allies didn’t go unnoticed by his colleagues, many of whom have privately griped in recent days about Trump’s eagerness to air his disapproval of the very people he needs in his corner in the event of an impeachment trial. One top GOP Senate operative said that patience on the Hill is “wearing thin.”

“It’s exhausting and they don’t know what they don’t know in terms of where this is going,” the operative added.