Will Democrats become born-again neocons?

Trump’s embrace of policies once more popular on the left than the right seems to have had an extraordinarily clarifying effect regarding the consequences of those policies.

On Russia, Obama attempted a famous “reset” in 2009 to much liberal fanfare, despite the fact that Putin had invaded Georgia just the year before. Trump’s abortive reset with the Kremlin (however suspect its motives) seems to have awakened former reset fans to the belated understanding that the Russians are not our friends.

On North Korea, many liberals loudly assailed Trump for his “fire and fury” rhetoric about Kim Jong-un. Now they mock him, correctly, for his naïveté about the North’s malign intentions.

On Ukraine, the Obama administration’s refusal to supply the country with anti-tank missiles when it was being dismembered by Russia met with consternation from the likes of John McCain, but less-than-vociferous opposition by Democrats. Now the supply of those same weapons has become a vital “insurance policy” against the prospect of renewed Russian aggression.