Record-high 56% of U.S. women prefer working to homemaking

Given the choice between working or staying home to take care of the house and family, a record-high 66% of U.S. adults would prefer to work. While women’s preference to work outside the home (56%) continues to lag behind men’s (75%), it is at its highest point in roughly three decades.

The latest reading, from an Aug. 1-14 poll, marks the 10th time Gallup has asked Americans for their preferences on this measure since 2001. The question was periodically included in other organizations’ polling between 1974 and 1999, although some of those readings were only among women. From 1992 until now, the question has been asked more regularly, with a consistent majority of Americans preferring to work outside the home — ranging between 54% and the current 66% reading.

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