Will the real Mitt Romney please shut up?

Romney could not get reelected in his home state next year, let alone dethrone the president.

Utah’s junior senator is operating under the assumption that it’s still 2016 and there is a more traditional alternative for safeguarding America and the world stability we provide. Spoiler: It’s not, and there isn’t. While Trump’s victory was a warning that Democrats needed to return to Bill Clinton-style centrism, the party has instead hit the snooze button on common sense.

We live in a binary system, and it appears that the Democrats are going to nominate a Marxist next year – one of two candidates who think they can centrally plan the U.S. economy but probably couldn’t run a Burger King for a day. If Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders got as much power as they desire, they would crash the economy, which would spark a global depression, which could (if history is any guide) trigger World War III.

Meanwhile, the Trump economy is the strongest America has seen in 50 years, with a surge of manufacturing jobs, energy independence, and record growth – all things Barack Obama assured us couldn’t be done without a magic wand.

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