Poll: Approval of impeachment inquiry climbs to 55%

Nearly half of registered voters, 48 percent, say President Trump should be impeached and removed from office, while 46 percent say he should not. Last week, 46 percent supported impeachment while 48 percent were opposed.

In today’s poll, support for impeachment is 86 – 9 percent among Democrats, and 49 – 41 percent among independents, while Republicans oppose impeachment 91 – 6 percent. In last week’s poll, Democrats supported impeachment 85 – 10 percent, independents were divided with 48 percent opposed and 42 percent in support, and Republicans opposed impeachment 93 – 6 percent.

In his dealings with Ukraine, 59 percent of voters say President Trump was pursuing his own personal interest, while 33 percent say he was pursuing the national interest. Democrats say the president was pursuing his own personal interest 94 – 2 percent, and independents say the president put his own personal interest over the national interest 64 – 25 percent, but Republicans say 72 – 17 percent that President Trump put the nation’s interest over his own personal interest.

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