Hillary is a Russian asset

A new book by James Stewart provides what might be called the official story, with official characters like Mr. Comey giving their official two-dimensional rationalizations. Missing is everything interesting: The torrent of illegal leaks from many of these same people defaming the incoming Trump administration. The ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee claiming to have “more than circumstantial evidence” of a Trump-Russia conspiracy. The top leaders of the Obama intelligence agencies going on television to declare that Vladimir Putin was Mr. Trump’s “case officer” and had placed him in the White House.

Democrats may be oblivious but much of the country noticed the self-jujitsu by which Mr. Trump’s enemies have turned Mr. Trump’s vices into their own, with their sleazy and self-defeating approach to opposing him.

Democrats would help themselves now by shutting Mrs. Clinton up. Her podcast with campaign guru David Plouffe is becoming famous for all the wrong reasons. Mrs. Clinton clearly wills another loss for her party at the presidential level, which she is eager to blame on assorted Russian “assets” (i.e., everybody in the U.S. political system, including fellow Democrats, she finds inconvenient), as a way to exculpate herself for losing to Donald Trump.