Graham to introduce resolution condemning "illegitimate" House impeachment

“We cannot allow future presidents and this president to be impeached based on an inquiry in the House that’s never been voted upon that does not allow the president to confront the witnesses against him, to call witnesses on his behalf, and cross-examine people who are accusing him of misdeeds,” Graham said, previewing the language of his forthcoming Senate resolution. “All I’m asking is give Donald Trump the same rights as [Presidents] Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton had when it comes to impeachment. I’m insisting that Donald Trump be given the same rights that any American has if you’re giving a parking ticket to confront the witnesses against you: can’t be based on hearsay. And here’s the point of the resolution: Any impeachment vote based on this process, to me, is illegitimate, is unconstitutional, and should be dismissed in the Senate without a trial.”