Some Warren backers want more details on her health plan

His wife, Susan, a retired attorney, said at the senator’s Norfolk town hall Friday evening she was surprised to learn in recent weeks that Ms. Warren hasn’t released her own health-care plan. Mrs. Potter said she notices the senator proclaims she is “with Bernie” on health care, although she has presented her own plans on many other topics, like higher education.

“For such a smart person who thinks things out, that’s kind of lazy for her to say,” said Mrs. Potter, who wore a “Warren” ball cap. She and her husband said they plan to support Ms. Warren in the primary, and both expect the senator to release a health-care plan soon. Ms. Potter predicted a Warren plan would “be better than what the [other candidates] have out.”

Ms. Warren’s campaign has declined to say whether it is drafting its own proposal. But her top aides have been calling health care experts in recent weeks as it examines revenue models to fund Medicare for All. A representative for the Warren campaign declined to comment for this article.

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