It’s time for Michael Bloomberg to enter the 2020 race

The many blows on Joe Biden are having an impact. Warren has overtaken him in most polls and is now the party’s recognized front-runner. His donors also are getting skittish, with the most recent fundraising report showing Biden trailing Warren, Sen. Bernie Sanders and even Pete Buttigieg.

Still, because Dem voters are divided among the large field, Biden could limp along well into the primary season, which starts with the Iowa caucus on Feb. 3 and includes Super Tuesday just a month later.

At some point, he will collapse but there probably will not be enough time for a newcomer to get into the race and amass the delegates needed to stop Warren.

Which is why Bloomberg should take the plunge now. Later will be too late.

Besides, he’s 77 years old and, his megabillions notwithstanding, he’s not getting any younger. If not now, when?