Trump’s biggest threat to reelection: The motherly instinct to "stop the ruckus"

We live in one of the four of these around Philadelphia (Delaware, Chester, Montgomery, and Bucks). I can tell you from personal experience that, of the couples with whom we associate, the males may not be happy about the current political turmoil, but they aren’t about to be stampeded into supporting a progressive in the general election just to end the political free-for-all. Not so many of the women, at least as they tell me. They seem to be so worn down with the daily barrage of attacks and counterattacks that they appear willing to vote for peace at any price.

It’s almost as though they have imagined an unspoken offer from the Democrats: Should Trump no longer be in office, by whatever means necessary (impeachment now or defeat next November), then things will calm down and return to normal. “We offer you peace in our time, so we can begin to address other important issues. If, on the other hand, Trump remains in office, you can count on an endless progression of hysterical hissy fits for the next four years,” is the offer women seem to be hearing.

This may not be an easy choice for those with maternal instincts.

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