Pompeo lashes out at impeachment inquiry

Pompeo curtly declined to discuss Giuliani — “I have nothing to add,” he said — or Marie Yovanovitch, the ousted U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, who testified in the impeachment inquiry after receiving a congressional subpoena. But America’s top diplomat took aim at the Democrats for what he sees as an unfair process, where state secrets are being put at risk and the department is being afforded little visibility into what its current and former employees are saying.

“They’re not letting State Department lawyers in the room … they have not let State Department lawyers be part of these hearings,” Pompeo said. “That’s unheard of … I haven’t seen you all report that.”…

In Friday’s interview, Pompeo said the House probe into the Benghazi attack treated Foggy Bottom more fairly, allowing State Department attorneys to listen to depositions and review transcripts of interviews after they were transcribed.

“This is deeply troubling to me,” Pompeo said, adding that the department has relayed these concerns to Democrats conducting the probe. “Because I have an obligation to protect the State Department. Not only [is it] classified information but private conversations that are confidential, are information we don’t want in the hands of others. And we’ve not been permitted to see what it is our former employees have told this committee.”