Would Trump quit? One Wall Street firm looks at the potential and its market ramifications

“While we acknowledge this is a low probability event, the question we are hearing more often in DC is: What if President Trump decides to walk away from the presidency and voluntarily resigns prior to being impeached and/or having to release his tax returns?” wrote Chris Meekins and Ed Mills, policy research analysts at Raymond James.

Market impact likely would be minimal, according to the analysis, which sees the emergence of Vice President Mike Pence as the GOP standard-bearer providing stability for Wall Street and the economy…

In the scenario, Raymond James imagines Trump using this line of reasoning to further justify walking away:

I have done everything I set out to do as President. America is great again. We have record low unemployment, the market is doing amazing, we have exited endless foreign wars, and I’ve stopped other countries like China from taking advantage of us in trade deals. We passed massive tax cuts and drug prices are down for the first time ever. I’m not one of these lifetime politicians. I’m ready to return to my business and spend more time with my family. This harassment of me by Democrats has really hurt Melania and my kids.

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