The media's "Joker" panic was all ginned-up nonsense

Then the movie opened in theaters and each person could see for himself just how wrong the press got the story. None of the things that reporters and other commentators warned about — the glorification of violence, the emboldening of the mentally unstable and the embittered, etc. — are in the actual movie released by Warner Bros.

“Joker” is dark. It is difficult to watch. It is about loneliness and isolation. It is also about the importance of access to mental health care.

But there are no political messages that could be construed as sympathetic to the right-wing, let alone the far-far-far-right-wing. There is a political message in the movie, but it is mostly a caricature of the anti-One Percent message of the Occupy Wall Street protests of 2011 — perhaps a dangerous, violent message in the wrong hands, but certainly nothing like what critics warned of in this movie.

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