Trump needs Republicans during impeachment. His actions in Syria aren’t helping.

“The Kurds found out on Twitter, for goodness’ sakes. We have left them to the wolves,” Rep. Adam Kinzinger, a high-profile Republican critic of the president, said on Face the Nation Sunday. “The message this is sending to our allies around the world I think is really going to be bad.”…

Trump responded with a rant about how Graham wants troops to stay in the Middle East “for the next thousand years” and implied a potential threat to Graham’s reelection next year if he continues fighting the president on the issue. Trump said Graham should focus on judicial issues — including investigating former president Barack Obama, former FBI director James Comey, and several other of Trump’s frequent punching bags — because his constituents in South Carolina want American troops brought home.

When reporters read these comments to Graham, he insisted that Trump’s moves will be a disaster. “The president’s decision here I think is the biggest mistake of his presidency. And I will not ever be quiet about matters of national security,” he said. He later added, “I think this is a mistake worse than what Obama did” in withdrawing from Iraq.

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