Giuliani role unnerves some congressional Republicans

“I worry a lot about non-professionals pursuing diplomacy in the name of” American diplomacy, said Rep. Francis Rooney, a Florida Republican and former US ambassador under George W. Bush when asked about Giuliani. Rooney noted “more things keep coming up in the investigation” and the investigation should look at who “who else was involved.”

“They called Watergate a witch hunt,” Rooney noted…

But some Republican aides say members are growing uneasy with Giuliani’s role and closeness to the President in light of the recent allegations that are piling up against the President’s personal lawyer. It’s not as much about the substance of what is alleged — although members are holding their breath about if more comes to light — but it is about his style: his brashness, his unpredictability and his ability to show up on one cable news show after another without much warning.

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