Women describe how Jeffrey Epstein controlled them

To understand how women above the age of consent could get trapped in Epstein’s network requires understanding what Edwards calls “Epstein’s Process’’— the psychology behind a sex predator mastermind who homed in on the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of his targets.

“He would find out they have no home, no car, that they need a place to live, and he would provide a place to live,’’ Edwards said. “He can get you to the best doctors. Sometimes he would do that and sometimes he wouldn’t do that, but the promise was real because as soon as you walk into his house and see there are legitimate cooks, chefs, and assistants, everybody catering to him — it gives this air of legitimacy. I mean, everybody in this whole entire mansion can’t possibly be running an illegal sex trafficking operation, right?”

Virginia Giuffre, who was recruited by Epstein when she was 16 and stayed with him until she was 19, said that Epstein promised “to fix” anything that was wrong in their lives, offering to pay for their education and help them with their careers — and he demonstrated that he had the power to accomplish that.

Then there were the enablers.

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