Why did Epstein’s private jet fly to Riyadh on the eve of the 2016 election?

These circumstances raise an obvious question: If Epstein was indeed in the Saudi capital, did he meet with MBS or Bezos on November 7, 8, or 9 of 2016?

Insider asked Amazon, the Saudi government, and Epstein’s estate whether any of the men crossed paths in Riyadh. We also asked the Saudis and the estate if Epstein and MBS personally knew each other.

A spokesperson for Amazon declined to answer detailed questions sent via email.

An unnamed spokesperson for the Center for International Communication, a state-owned agency that coordinates media coverage of the Saudi government, said they would pass our questions to the “proper entities.” We did not receive a response by presstime.

Epstein’s attorney, Reid Weingarten, did not acknowledge requests for comment.

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