Democrats recalibrate as Kavanaugh impeachment fizzles

Harris kept the impeachment campaign going for a few days even after the Times’ correction before lifting her foot off the gas and turning to other top Democratic priorities. Over the last 24 hours, her tweets have focused on guns, climate change and the national conversation about her own electability. Elizabeth Warren hasn’t tweeted about Kavanaugh in four days.

Meanwhile, Democratic leaders in Congress hit the full stop on impeachment quickly. By Monday night, Democratic leaders in the House and the Senate were dousing the flames 2020 Democrats and progressives in the party had tried to ignite…

After Durbin’s threw cold water on Kavanaugh’s impeachment, he revised and extended his remarks in a written statement arguing for a House investigation into the FBI’s review of the Kavanaugh allegations and whether Republicans or the Trump administration tried to improperly constrain it.

“The American people deserve transparency, not concealment,” Durbin said, arguing in favor of a probe into any actions the administration and Senate Republicans took to “stifle a neutral FBI investigation” and calling on the FBI to preserve all records relating to its “limited” Kavanaugh inquiry, including records about who tried to contact the FBI to share information.

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