Trump job approval ties record for party polarization

The 86-point gap in Republican and Democratic ratings of the president ties the highest Gallup has measured in a single survey. This is the third time Trump’s approval ratings have reached this level of polarization. Eighty-six points also separated Democratic and Republican ratings of President Barack Obama at the time of the 2012 presidential election.

George W. Bush is the only other president who has had a gap of 80 or more percentage points in approval rating by party. Most of those measurements came during the fall of 2004, as he was seeking re-election, with a high of 83 points in Sept. 13-15 (95% Republican, 12% Democrat) and Oct. 1-3 (94% Republican, 11% Democrat) polls.

Prior to Bush, only Ronald Reagan had registered a party gap in approval rating of at least 70 percentage points in any single poll, doing so in two separate polls during the fall of his re-election year of 1984.