Poll: Each member of Democratic top tier leads Trump in matchups

Joe Biden continues to perform best of the Democratic candidates tested, according to a new Fox News Poll. He has the biggest lead over Trump (+14 points), is the only one to receive 50 percent support, and the only one to keep Trump under 40 percent (52-38 percent). Last month, it was Biden over Trump by 50-38 percent.

The poll, released Wednesday, shows Bernie Sanders topping Trump by 8 points (48-40).

Elizabeth Warren is up by 6 points (46-40), which is right at the poll’s margin of error, and Kamala Harris has a 2-point edge (42-40 percent), within the poll’s error margin…

In counties where the 2016 vote was close (Hillary Clinton and Trump within 10 points), Biden is ahead by 21 points.